We are light-weight. We move from place to place with the hunger for peace, stability, and the validation of our true essence. No one truly knows where we originated from, but we’re here on Earth to continue telling and creating the transformative stories. The stories of ourselves, and of those who recognize the many sides of the self. Of those who have witnessed and felt the power of being unapologetically self-accepting. Slowly, we’ll all unlearn and start to access the truth. Time has its unique way of shifting perceptions.


Project Adamo is Essence Wear that adapts to the ever-changing facets of the self. Our light-weight pieces come alive only when the wearer chooses to wear them, as they mold to each person’s authentic way of being at any moment in time. Each piece of clothing we make is respectful to the essence and complexity of humankind through flexible design, friendly materials, and experiential inspiration. Our designs are considered adaptable - letting your internal light take the stage.

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