At Project Adamo, fashion transcends mere apparel and becomes an expression of art and emotion. Inspired by the intertwined balance of architecture, design and color theory, our ready-to-wear resortwear brand celebrates the essence of the human experience. Our mission is to create pieces that resonate with the soul, pieces that come to life when the wearer embraces them. With each creation, we honor the complexity of individuality, infusing flexible design, luxurious materials and empiric inspiration into every single stitch.

In a world of vibrant colors and unexpectedly structured silhouettes, where tradition meets innovation, and Colombian aesthetics find new expression through a modern, empowered lens. We dare to push the boundaries of what resort wear can be, fusing structure with lightweight fabrics and exploring the infinite possibilities of design.


We are light-weight. We move from place to place with the hunger for peace, stability, and the validation of our true essence. No one truly knows where we originated from, but we’re here on Earth to continue telling and creating the transformative stories. The stories of ourselves, and of those who recognize the many sides of the self. Of those who have witnessed and felt the power of being unapologetically self-accepting. Slowly, we’ll all unlearn and start to access the truth. Time has its unique way of shifting perceptions.

The Founder

Our Creative Director & founder Laura Buitrago founded PA with one objective in mind: to push the boundaries of what she could creatively accomplish within her area of passion - product development and personal growth. After completing her studies at Parsons School of Design and assisting in the sales department at Gabriela Hearst, she returned to her hometown Barranquilla, Colombia to put what she had learned to the test and defy the constricted rules of what Latin American fashion is “supposed” to be.

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