Introducing Project Adamo’s mesmerizing capsule collection “Fleurette” - a collection that invites you to immerse yourself and wander into inspiring spaces.

Like constellations guiding explorers across the universe, each of the seven dresses presented, hold unique intricacies: maximalist bows reminiscent of dreams woven into reality, geometric cutouts simulating portals to other dimensions, and sequins that mirror the celestial splendor.

As the night falls, "Fleurette" finds inspiration in the allure of glamorous evenings, fusing the joy of transformation with the sophistication of dressing up. When stars shimmer and dreams take flight, these dresses become more than mere garments; they are instruments of self-reinvention.

Amongst this collection, find the embodiment of your nocturnal aspirations. As you reimagine your style at midnight, remember to let your spirit dance with the stars and embrace the luminosity of the moon.

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