‘Rhapsody’’s second drop is finally here and it is nothing less than a cohesive continuation of the Spring Summer 2022 collection’s initial offering.

Still accurately alluding to child-like play and spontaneity, ‘Rhapsody’ Drop 02 seeks to frame the mundane yet essential task of presenting oneself as a ceremonial one. It is up to the wearer to enjoy the very personal (and slightly humorous) process of dressing up, hopefully pushing the act farther away from uniformity and using it as means to embrace the ambivalence of being human. With a balanced mixture of visual references that include surrealist and impressionist pieces by the likes of Max Ernst, David Hockney, and Mark Rothko, expect to encounter a hint of absurdity in the designs, merged with the untamed essence of the youth.

Instead of relying solely on vibrant tonalities, Adamo took on the new challenge of exploring other distinct details and styles within each look - sparkly straps, subtle cutouts, sequins, and interesting necklines that, just like their past palettes and prints, evoke originality and a head-turning reaction

Always supporting the individual’s connection with their own aesthetic influences and preferences, we hope that ‘Rhapsody’ Drop 02 empowers your everyday dressing experience. Remember: it is an art if you allow it to be.

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