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A time full of change and transformation. Sonder - Drop 01 is here to open up the space for evolution and migration to new and inspiring places. With the modern day traveler full of wanderlust and curiosity in mind, this collection presents full look sets, high-low gowns and inspiring prints that bring both newness and timelessness to the table.

Embark into a journey of self discovery with sailor-like necklines, linear designs and unexpected back details that will undeniably set you apart in special and everyday occasions. Staying loyal to our recognizable use of color and geometry, find modern minis, never-before-seen skirts and halter tops that will likely turn into your go-to’s.

Always motivated to enlighten your next adventure, we will accompany you in each and every one of your voyages this season – with visual elements such as saturated proposals and high-volume designs. Whether it’s a stroll through a blooming garden or a visit to an entirely unfamiliar destination, this collection looks to add vibrancy and celebration to those moments. As you learn and unlearn, don’t forget to let your inner child guide you - always.

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