An ode to the passing of time and its finity. Tempus - Resort 24 draws inspiration from the inevitable cycles of the natural world and our own human lives. The collection quite literally visualizes this concept through striking circular shapes and a wide range of unusual colors that go from lively to neutral. From elevated cut-outs placed in unanticipated ways to nonchalant details that balance the body, Tempus will empower you during your next stage of personal development, while offering more grounded lifestyle pieces that will also elevate your everyday occasions.

In Tempus, Adamo looks to connect with the aesthetics of Pierre Cardin and Mary Quant in the 60’s - an alternate, futuristic reality that transports the wearer to a time where newness and rebelliousness was considered the path forward. Expect never-before-seen maxis and jumpsuits, scalloped hems, and modern layering, but also, a clear continuity in DNA that is seen through several reinterpretations of brand classics - always relying on thoughtful color blocking, bold gowns, and breathable fabrics with structured cuts.

Whether you’re planning on spending the season in the South of France or brainstorming a desired creative project, Resort 24 encourages the wearer to spend time wisely, always embracing who they truly are inside and embodying it through the art of dressing.

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